Supriya Kalidas

Book Design

This book is a typographic and visual exploration into the science and mechanism of different types of phobia, with an aim to educate and create awareness about this prevalent disorder. Scientific charts, photographs and typographic illustrations make up the visual part of this book. Creative Director / Jennifer Sterling

Art direction, design and illustration for Listomania, an infographic guide to everything, with over 200 visual lists. Involved in the content brainstorming with the creative and editorial team. Designed the overall look and feel, illustrated some of the spreads, and art directed a team of illustrators to bring the creative vision to life. Client / Weldon Owen Publishing, Creative Director / Kelly Booth

A compendium of long-forgotten libations due for a revival. Culled from ancient times through the 1960s, these delectable vintage cocktails are by turns fizzy and silken, sweet and tart, lethal and prim. Some of them are absurd, several are sentimental, while others are outright scandalous. This was a follow up in the Let’s Bring Back series by Leslie Blume. Client / Chronicle Books, Art Director / Emily Dubin

Client / Chronicle Books, Design Director / Vanessa Dina